"Art thou pale for weariness
Of climbing Heaven, and gazing on the earth,

Wandering companionless
Among the stars that have a different birth,-

And ever changing, like a joyless eye
That finds no object worth its constancy?"

- 'To The Moon', P.B. Shelley

Here I am..!!

Hey Guys..!! Long Time...!! I know, I already feel guilty for not even giving a glance to My dear dear blogs in such a long time.
Was just going through webpages and my gmail, and trust me irritated with the regular spam on gmail, all thanks to the Blog Comments review application, I had to login and delete and block spammers.

And Now that i actually checked my page, it just hit me.. My last post was more than 2 yrs back. Well, that's actually surprising.

But, now that I actually am writing this post, i have realised that this was what actually gave me happiness.. writing and blogging. For quite a while i have been complaining and complaining for things not going right and    
things not falling into place, everything going haywire... Why did I not come to my own Happy world..?? Well.. I can blame my busy work schedule for that.. but somehow it upsets me that I could not take out time for things i really loved to do.

I has gone for a wedding last weekend to Jodhpur, Beautiful place I must say. While I was travelling back from Jodhpur to Delhi in the Night train. I met this very strong and inspiring British woman. She was in her late fifities and we started talking about our lives and everything (Bit chatty women). She told me about the life she had had, and hardships she had gone through to get herself and her family settled.
While we were talking about our likes and interests, for her it was visiting India. So, this woman, works hard whole year round and tries to save enough to come to visit India every year. And this was what she loved to do. And when it came to me, well I did tell her I loved to read and write but I dint had enough time to do that anymore. Trust me she was more shocked than surprised and told me that you should always take out time for stuff you love to do, because at the end - that is what keeps you going.
So I try to make a mental note of it all and try to manage my time between things I got to do and things I love to do.. not that tough..!! What say..??///

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Veens said...

So true! You must always make time for things you love to do. :) Good to see a post form you :)